With God All Things Are Possible
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The mission of Megan's Angel Wings is to help make the
lives of children with cancer as comfortable as possible
during their treatment and recovery. We hope to touch
their lives and help them stay strong during the tough
road ahead.

ur main priority here at Megan's Angel Wings is
sending out
care packages. While a child is in the
hospital or sick at home, there is not much to entertain
them. We prepare care packages and send them to the
children filled with handmade quilts, bandannas,
movies, books, stuffed animals,
arts and crafts, and much
more. We personalize these care packages with anything
that can brighten their day and put a smile on their face.

also work closely with hospitals and doctor's offices
to ensure they have  
video game systems, movies, and
other necessities to entertain the patients while
receiving treatment.

Besides brightening a child's day by providing goodies
and toys to their local hospitals and to them personally,
we also help financially. There are many costs involved
when undergoing treatment, from medical expenses to
shelter if their treatment is away from home. We help
with the additional costs for meals for parents while
their children are in the hospital and many other
unforeseen expenses.

Another way we help financially is with transportation.
Many critically ill patients do not have the
transportation to get them to wonderful therapy
programs, such as swimming with the dolphins, or even
to their doctors offices or local hospital. We are
providing a means of transportation for these patients
and their families.
Thank you for
visiting our website!

All we want is to
give a child
treatment for
cancer plenty of
love, support,
strength, hope
, and

God Bless.