Special thanks to Sandi Weeks-
Sandi, I could not be doing all of
this without you!
Love, Megan
A special thanks to our
wonderful volunteers
Thank you St. Brendan's High
School Key Club for your
wonderful fundraiser.
99th Annual Brown Family
Christmas Reunion
Ann Brown
Arthroscopy & Medical
Equipment International, Inc.
Brigid Soldavini, CPA, PA
Camley Family
Cerniglia Family

Jorge Chartrand Jr. & Family


David Doran

Fernandez Family
Jasma Graphics, Inc.
Lemartec Engineering &
Construction Corp.

Greta Lindstrom

Lisa Donna
Lourdes Academy
Manny Garcia-Tunon of
Garcia-Tunon & Associates

Marta Blanco
Me & My Girls
Pepe & Isa Garcia-Tunon
St. Brendan's High School
St. Theresa Catholic School
The Weeks Family
Special thanks to RosaAna
Brown and her daughters for
the beautiful mural.
Thanks to our Monthly
Guillermo & Leonor

Guillo & Alicia
To my following supporters:
I always dreamed of one day re-decorating Dr. D's infusion room. I could not
have imagined that this dream would become a reality; but it did, only
thanks to you.  Without you, none of this would have been possible.
Thank you so much!
Fita makes beautiful crafts to sell
and all of her profits go to
Megan's Angel Wings.
We are forever grateful !

Gracias Fita por tu Caja Fuerte-
Eres una bendicion para
With God All Things Are Possible
15275 Collier BLVD, Suite 201-579
Naples, FL 34119
(239) 348-7667

Thank you to Brooke Mundy,
Dr. Brunner and all the
members of Florida Gulf
Coast University's
Phi Eta Sigma National Honor
Society for your toy donations.

Special thanks to Ana Fernandez for
donating 12 inches of her hair to
Locks of Love in honor of Megan.

Thank you so much, I love you!
Love, Megan

Special thanks to Professor Golden
and his Ethical Issues class for
creating care packages for local
children currently battling cancer.
Special thanks to: Julie Gyorkos
for the beautiful jewelry and to
Marsha Tubbs for the
incredible bandannas.
Thank you Summit Church and
Melissa and Allyce's Small Group
09 for decorating boxes for
care packages.
Thank you to Pamela Marti and
Kappa Delta Pi for collecting
goodies for our care packages.
Special thanks to the staff and members of Cool Cruisers of SW FL
and the Pardo-Brown Family for their continued support.

Special thanks to Marcela and Nina
for creating and selling different
crafts and donating all
of their proceeds to
Megan's Angel Wings.
Thank you so much!!

Special thanks to the Brownie
Troop #653 for making
beautiful blankets that will be
sent to children currently
battling cancer.
Thank you to Mrs. RosaAna Brown
and the
St. Brendan High School's
Art Honor Society
for the beautiful
blankets! They make and donate
these blankets every year and we
are so grateful for their continued
support. These blankets will touch
many  special children undergoing
treatment for cancer. Thank you!!
Special thanks to Jimmy Villena for his
hard work and dedication to creating an
Eagle Scout project that would greatly
impact cancer patients- Jimmy created
care packages for children. He decorated
the boxes, fundraised for the toys and
goodies and personally delivered the
boxes to the patients. Thank you!!
Special thanks to Jaimee and Victoria for creating a presentation on
Megan's Angel Wings for their class that brought
awareness to our organization.
Thank you to Maggie for
sewing pillowcases and
decorating boxes. They
came out beautiful!
Thank you for your hard
work, the children are
going to love them!
Thank you to Kristina Escarra, Sofia Vidal and Hannah Rodriguez for
decorating care packages as well as collecting a variety of toys for children
with cancer. Thank you so much for your hard work- the children are going
to love your decorated boxes and
all of the toys you collected!
Special thanks to St Theresa Catholic School's Student Council for promoting
and sponsoring a fundraiser to benefit Megan's Angel Wings. Thank you to
everyone who took part in the fundraiser,
your donation was greatly appreciated and will touch
so many children! Thank you!
Thank you to the Brown family for donating proceeds from the
"Brown Family Challenge" to Megan's Angel Wings.
Thank you for your continued support!!
Special Thanks to:
Thank you Lisa Donna and
Carrollton High School for starting
the Megan's Angel Wings Club and
for your wonderful donations.
Lisa Donna, April Brown, Ariele Gallardo,
Caitlin McCabe, Jennifer Villa, Julianne Bagley,
Nicole Brunner, Kristen Lobo, Lauren Correa,
Nastasja Ecker, Natalie Gravier, Nicollette
Gasson, Stephanie Vara, Alina Gomez, Chelsea
Wood, Claudine Fernandez, Emma Guerra, Ilia
Gregg, Lauren Gonzalez, Maria Garcia-Lujan,
Monica Zatarain, Natalie Diaz, Sofia Cabrera
                                            I love you and God Bless You
                        Miguel Murciano                             Leonor Murciano
                        Veronica Murciano                         Victor Fernandez   
                        Amparo Fernandez                        Olivia Fernandez
                        Flaco Fernandez                              Ana Fernandez
                        Marcela Fernandez                        Gloria Marti
                        Manolo Gutierrez                            The Prellezo Family
                        The Vilar Family                              Lauren Fernandez and Family        
                         Vento Family                                    Paul & Mari Garcia
                         Marta Blanco                                    Susan Jaca
                         Buddy & Polly Adams                   Bobby & Ann Brown
                         Lily Filer                                            Breaking of the Bread Ministry
                         Jean Ragan                                        Cana, Ruthann & Eric Brown          
                         Carol Savanello                               Tere Barturen
                         Rachel Garcia-Tunon                    Nancy Garcia-Tunon
          and last but not least, my family- Dad, Mom, Rudy Jr and Samantha.

Special thanks to the staff of
Flowers Baking Co. for your
donation to Megan's Angel Wings.
We are so grateful for your support,
your donation is going to help us
reach so many more children!
Thank you!!
Thank you to Eddy, Larissa, Matthew and Jonathan Barturen for your toy
donations. Thank you for your continued support!!
Incredible thanks to two of our yearly supporters: David Doran and Greta
Lindstrom. Their continued donations are incredible and help us greatly
every year! Thank you for helping us to reach so many children!!
Special thanks to Dan and Nina for
decorating boxes for care
packages! These care packages will
be sent out
to children undergoing
treatment for cancer.
Special thanks to the Brown Family for decorating boxes for our care
packages! They were all so beautifully decorated and have been sent out to
children currently battling cancer, thank you!!
Big shout out to St. Theresa Catholic School and their Student Council for
their constant support! We are forever grateful and truly couldn't do what
we do without your support. Thank you!!